July 14, 2019

Prelude Helen Brands
Please sign and pass the Friendship Pads
Prayer & Greeting
*Call to Worship Deuteronomy 33:27
*Hymn #324 “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”
“What a Beautiful Name It Is”
Confession & Assurance Romans 3:22-25a
Children’s Message “Joseph’s Colorful Robe,” Genesis 37
Special Music Micah Truesdell, Tami Wesselink
Scripture Acts 7:54-60 (1704)
Message “Shatter Proof Faith”
Offering “I Can Only Imagine”
Congregational Prayer The Lord’s Prayer
Mission Offering #542 “When We All Get to Heaven” (1-3)
*Postlude #524 “When We All Get to Heaven” (4)

* Congregation stands if able

Please Remember in Prayer:
* Mexico Mission Trip
* Anna Truesdell – fractured foot
* Lois Teerink – under Hospice Care
* Beatrice Groendyke – recovering at South Shore
* Lou Kuhl – receiving treatment at home
* Ken Van Veldhuizen Family – mourning his loss
* Janine Dekker – treatment for cancer
* Ruth DeJong – recovering from heart valve surgery
* Ken Zylstra – treatment for ALS

Sunday, July 14:
Mission Fund Offering
Consistory Update on the RCA – Vision 2020 after the service
Cookies & Coffee Fellowship in the Chapel after the service
10:50 AM Adult Sunday School Guide Class

Tuesday, July 16:
9:00 AM Partners in Prayer

Wednesday, July 17:
Volunteer at Bibles for Missions

Friday July 19 or Saturday, July 20:
Love I.N.C. Furniture Delivery

Sunday, July 21:
Cookies & Coffee Fellowship in ARC Center after the service
10:50 AM Adult Sunday School Guide Class

July 24 – ARC will serve at The Banquet in Sioux Falls, SD
July 30 – “Better Together” Food Packing Event at ARC – See our
website for details, arcworthington.com.

Consistory Update on the RCA – Vision 2020
The Reformed Church in America has come to a point where there is consideration of splitting apart on the issue of human sexuality. A Vision 2020 Committee has been created to give a recommendation at next year’s General Synod on one of 3 options: stay together, radical reorganization, or grace-filled separation. The consistory would like to inform the congregation on this situation and where we stand on this matter. We will meet in the sanctuary today after worship. More information can be found online at https://www.rca.org/vision-2020-team

Please note….some assignments in the July newsletter have been switched from the original schedules. Please double-check the Assisting in Worship calendar.

Automatic Deposit forms are at the Welcome Center for those interested in using this service for weekly offerings. They can be turned in at the Welcome Center or to the office.

HyVee & Fareway gift cards may be purchased to help raise resources for the Building Fund. Stop at the church office during the week or see a deacon.

The U-Turn Church book is available at the Welcome Desk for a donation of $10.
The group met last week to continue praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in reaching the lost. Please join in with the group as they pray for some new possibilities, such as a new men’s bible study, new ways to greet guests, and musicians for contemporary music. All are welcome to the next meeting on July 22 at 6:30 pm in the library.

“Partners in Prayer” meet Tuesday mornings at 9 AM in the Fireside Room. Next meeting is on July 16. Prayers focus on families, congregational and community needs. All those who desire to be partners in prayer are welcome. Marlene Rabenberg & Sherri Hietbrink.

Tommy Hayenga & Hannah Huisman will be married on July 20. The donation jar and card will be at the Welcome Center for two more weeks.

Sarah Darling & Theodore Kamen will be married on July 27. Another jar and card will be at the Welcome Center for them at the Welcome Center. Please be sure to check the name on the card so you are giving to the right couple.

Connect Groups/Events are member-led Groups & events of American Reformed Church that connect members of the church and community together in Christian faith and fellowship. If you have an idea for a new church group or event,
please let Pastor Tim or the church office know.


VOLUNTEER @ BIBLES FOR MISSION: Join Maggie in volunteering at the Bibles for Mission thrift store to help raise money to spread God’s Word in Kenya on Wed., July 17 or August 21. Sign up for a shift at the Welcome Center. All 6th-12th grade students are encouraged to serve as well as their families or other adults from the congregation. American Reformed Church provides volunteers each Wednesday to run the thrift store. Come and see what this mission is all about!

ARC will be serving the evening meal at The Banquet in Sioux Falls, SD on July 24. Many volunteers are needed for this to be a success. Please sign up at the Welcome Center if you are able to volunteer. It’s a great way to serve and make connections with others! A special offering will be taken on July 14 to help cover the cost of the meal.

ARC is in charge of furniture delivery for Love I.N.C. on the weekend of July 19 & 20. Please consider giving just a couple of hours to help members of our community. Please contact the office if you are able to volunteer.

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD for the month of July is seeking donations of socks, T-shirts, skirts, and pillowcase dresses.. There is a box under the mailboxes for your donations.

Please sign by the week(s) you will mow
the church lawn. We ask that mowing be
done on the Thursday of the week you sign
up for, if possible. Thank you!

Acts 7:54-60
“Shatter Proof Faith”

• Not everyone will be _________ to the Gospel
• In spite of a ________ situation, Stephen remained _____ of the Holy Spirit, he saw the _______ of God, and he continued to _______
• The people defiantly _________ to listen to the _______
• Stephen remained _________ to the very _____